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Philips SimplyGo Mini – extended battery

Philips Simplygo Mini

Philips have done it again with the lightweight SimplyGo Mini!

The new lightweight portable oxygen concentrator comes with five pulse settings to ensure you are well oxygenated whilst on the go. Its sleek contemporary design fits any situation with the choice of a hand or shoulder strap and a backpack as an optional extra.

With a maximum oxygen output at Setting 5 of 1000ml/minute (20 breaths per minute), the SimplyGo Mini easily exceeds the output of most other POCs in the same weight/size range.

The extended battery is supplied as a standard upgrade giving you approx. 8-9 hours of battery life at setting 2.  The battery readily clips underneath the unit and is easily released with the click of an eject button.

The battery level can be checked from the LCD screen if attached to the unit, or be manually checked by pressing a button on the base of the battery if the battery is detached from the SimplyGo Mini.

Also available is a extra standard batteries which will lower the overall weight of the unit from 2.7kg to 2.3kg.

The carry case zips open from the side allowing easy access to the battery compartment at the base. The carry case can be washed if necessary and the shoulder strap and carry handle can be easily clipped on and off the bag.


Oxygen flow Pulse dose settings:

  • Setting 1 = 11ml
  • Setting 2 = 22ml
  • Setting 3 = 33ml
  • Setting 4 = 44ml
  • Setting 5 = 50ml
Oxygen Purity 93% +/- 3% at all settings
Weight 2.7kg
Dimensions 259mH x 211mmW x 91mD.
Battery operation Removable – Additional batteries are available for extra duration trips such as international travel

  • Setting 1 = 9.0 Hours with Extended
  • Setting 2 = 7.0 Hours with Extended
  • Setting 3 =  5.0 Hours with Extended
  • Setting 4 = 4.0 Hours with Extended
  • Setting 5 = 3.0 Hours with Extended
AC Power Worldwide 100v-240v AC
DC Power 12-19 DC (Cigarette lighter socket suitable for cars, boats and caravans)
Operating altitude Up to 10,000 Ft (3000 m) above sea level (Able to be used in aircraft)
Max Oxygen capacity 1000ml per minute (Equivalent to 5LPM)
Warranty 3 years (Battery 90 days and 1 year on Sieve Bed)

Breathe21 Healthcare Package includes:

Comes with everything you need:

  • 1x SimplyGo Mini Oxygen Concentrator
  • 1x Impact Resistant Unit Cover
  • 1x Accessory Bag (Keeps Chargers and Cables)
  • 1x World Wide Voltage AC charger (110v to 240v)
  • 1x DC 12v Car Charging kit
  • 1x Extended Lithium Ion Battery for up to 8-9 hours of use
  • 1x Comprehensive User Manual


  • A year’s worth of softi-tip nasal cannulas
  • Free Delivery Australia Wide

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